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Announcing our public beta & new funding
Michael FitzgeraldCo-founder of Interplay
7th Feb 2022
Since we announced our private beta last year, we've been working closely with some early teams to connect design and engineering. Today, we're excited to share that we are opening up our public beta so everyone can start working with Interplay.
We’re also announcing that we’ve raised $1.2 million in funding from ACT Venture Capital and Enterprise Ireland, along with some amazing angel investors including Dave Wright and Jonathan Sparks from ServiceNow, and James Fitzgerald from Paddle, among others. It’s super exciting to have them join our journey, as we connect design and engineering workflows.In recent weeks we’ve had the honor of inviting some amazing teams, like Yahoo, TikTok, Shortcut, FamilySearch, and to be among the first to try out Interplay. Today, we are opening up access to everyone, and are looking forward to seeing how we can help teams super-charge their design systems operations.
Building digital products has changed a lot over the last few years. Design systems and design tokens were created to bridge the gap between design and engineering. Re-usable code components are used to speed up collaboration and implementation. And we have some amazing tools like Figma for designers and Storybook for engineers.However, our current tools are not built to work across disciplines. Without connecting design and engineering, it feels like we are spending all our time maintaining design files, manually translating from designs to code, and back again, and our design systems are becoming stale and out of date.This is why we built Interplay. We wanted to re-envision how digital product teams could work together with these new best practices. A shared space where we can work in fast iterative loops, simultaneously working on the same screens from anywhere, moving closer to production with each iteration. Our vision is to blend design and implementation, automating repetitive tasks to create a more enjoyable and efficient way to build digital products together.Here’s how we’re going about doing it:
  1. Provide a shared single source of truth for your design tokens
    Design tokens are the foundation of any design system. Interplay provides a single place for everyone on your team to define, manage and collaborate on design tokens. With true 2 way sync between design and code, Interplay supercharges design token management and promotes consistency across your product.
  2. Design with React components and design tokens in Figma
    Keeping design libraries up to date with code can be a full-time job. Interplay lets designers use the latest production React code components and design tokens in Figma. It’s like having a visual React playground in Figma. No coding skills required.
  3. Inspect code, not pictures
    Interplay Inspect is aware of your code components and design tokens. So engineers can finally inspect and copy accurate, production-ready JSX from designs. Instead of a link to documentation, Interplay Inspect exposes every component, prop value, and design token used in the design.
This is just the start and we have much more to come. Today, we are opening up access to our public beta. If you are interested in joining and influencing the direction of Interplay, sign up here and follow us on Twitter.
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