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Design with code, without knowing how to code

Design and prototype using your code components, then share real prototypes instantly with customers and stakeholders

Design prototypes using live code components

“Just had a demo of @interplayapp, creating an in-browser prototype with *real* React components from our style guide – I've seen the future 😵👏”

– Mark Dalgleish @markdalgleish

Make your code components work harder

Whether already part of a design system or in individual repositories, Interplay can help you organise your code components and make them easy to work with:

  • Sync your existing components from your source code repositories
  • Define new placeholder components
  • Organise and configure samples/allowed uses
  • Preview impact of changes across your designs

Design and prototype with real code and data

Create responsive, data driven designs and prototypes directly in your browser

  • Drag and drop React* components to assemble new screens
  • Join screens with real buttons, links and code events
  • Instantly share your designs and prototypes

* or Vue, Angular, or whatever you currently use – we're framework agnostic ♥️

Realistic user testing

Test a realistic user interface with your users much earlier in the delivery process, without creating throwaway prototypes

  • Test the actual user experience not an approximation of it - across all screen sizes
  • Use realistic data sets to plan your backend requirements
  • Amend the design alongside your user, from anywhere
  • Keep your prototypes up to date with your code components

“Saw the future of design tooling today. Thanks for the demo @interplayapp – very impressive!”

– Vedran Arnautović‏ @vedranio

No components yet?
No problem!

Get started with common components out of the box, imported open source libraries, and component placeholders straight from Sketch.

Interplay helps you evolve your Design System as you design and prototype with code.

Our mission

To help teams build great software. We believe this starts with realistic user testing - and designers and developers using the same components.

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